What would you do if you could Time Travel to any second?

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Last April, Reduxio presented at the CCISDA Spring Conference in their first ever IGNITE Vendor event. If you aren’t familiar with this kind of presentation, let me give you the rundown: each participant gets 5 minutes to present 20 slides, each of which advances automatically every 15 seconds.. The audience gets a speedy and entertaining talk providing a ton of information. 


Our presentation showcased the fun side of Reduxio and took to the stage in costume. Using Back to the Future as our theme, we dressed up as Marty McFly and Doc. The audience voted ours as the best!

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While the uniqueness and fun factor of our 5-minute show had a lot to do with being the crowd favorite, I’d say the content of our presentation itself also caught the interest of the audience (mostly IT Management & IT Administrators).


The Delorean: Everyone’s Favorite Time Machine


We opened with the theme song from Back to the Future, and if our costumes and the song didn’t give it away, the first slide would.


What if Time Travel was possible?


Everyone loves a good time travel story. The subject has been used and dare I say abused time after time (pun intended). While Hot Tub Time Machine 1 was worthy of its 63% freshness rating on the Tomatometer, HTTM 2 deservingly received an 86% rotten rating. Nevertheless, people find the concept very interesting and it’s a frontier that technology hasn’t ventured to yet. The unlimited number of what if scenarios. Time Travel offers, makes for great stories.


So what if Time Travel were really possible, what would it look like?


In books and movies about Time Travel, there are always ‘caveats’ or limitations with what is and isn’t possible.The first part of the presentation explores some of these limitations.


Time Travel to Avoid Disasters


This is of course the most common use case. How often do you see car accidents on the highway? I see multiple on my daily commute here in the SF Bay Area and I’m fairly certain that if you gave the drivers the option to go back in time before the accident they would certainly take it.

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However, what if the time machine only allows you to choose points in the past that are decades or centuries apart? The prospect wouldn’t seem so inviting then. One might end up driving a Model-T or perhaps even a horse and buggy.


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Time travel is much more valuable if it is granular.

 Spilt coffee on your device? <Expletives> Unfortunately, accidents like this are commonplace. Not only are they messy, but they can cause serious problems with your electronics and loss of files.


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If this happened to you, wouldn’t it be great to have a time machine which enabled you to go back one second before to freeze time and simply move the laptop to safety? Then you would have saved your laptop and preserved all of your files.


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Time travel is much more valuable if it is granular and instant.


Time Traveling in the Enterprise


Imagine if time travel was possible and you could use it anytime throughout your workday. Have you ever hit ‘Reply All’ on an email you only intended to reply to a single individual? Ever work on a presentation, spreadsheet or document for hours and forget to save your changes before shutting down your PC or running out of power on your laptop? You would appreciate the ability to go back one second before.


How about Business Applications and Services? You’ve likely experienced or have heard of an Internet service that was unavailable due to an Administrator error (i.e. GitLab). We’re human, operator errors are going to happen. I’m willing to bet that any clever DBA, DevOps Engineer, or Systems Admin today would love the ability to instantly go back in time. Imagine the amount of operator errors we could avoid if it were possible to hit the ‘do over’ button.


What if George from Accounting clicks on a malicious link or compromised website and gets the entire Organization infected with Ransomware? A time machine to instantly go back to just seconds before the event and recover Enterprise Applications such as SAP or an Exchange Server would save valuable time.  


Using time travel to address critical IT issues would be invaluable.


Your old Time Machine


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Your new Time Machine

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What if the Time Machine can also Teleport?


One of the confusing aspects of Time Traveling in books and movies is the notion of movement through time. H.G. Wells’ book ‘The Time Machine’ takes the approach that the machine itself will not move. It will sit idle while time is shifting around it.


In our example of moving Enterprise Applications through time, what if we could also move that Application instantly to the other side of the world? So not only could you go back in time, but you could also shift from place to place, teleporting information from one city to another.


Wouldn’t that be interesting? We think it would be extremely powerful. The best part? We built it.

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Time travel and Teleportation of your Application Data. It’s about Time. 


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Aaron Flores

Written by Aaron Flores

Aaron is Director of Sales, Western Region at Reduxio.

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