Welcome to my Reduxio - Thoughts after 2 great days in San Francisco

By Chip Ernst for Beyond The Blocks - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Welcome to my Reduxio

The Reduxio Worldwide Sales team just concluded our first annual sales kick-off in San Francisco. Being a startup, there's a sense of enormous pride and excitement that I wanted to convey in a short post.

I joined this team 6 months ago, seeking just this – a startup that hadn't even begun to make its mark with technology that may well change the industry. Is this really all that? It's one of those things only time will reveal. However, I just spent 2 days with a team who are certain of it.

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of the technology, I will offer that Reduxio has fundamentally separated the representation layer of data with the actual blocks of data that storage systems manage. This divergent outlook on managing the data and underlying elements has made possible capabilities that will change the way companies store, serve, protect and recover information and allow new possibilities unheard of to date. This is not just a glimpse into the future - we are shipping this technology today and customers are using these products successfully in production.  

The team genuinely feels that we are working with something special, and furthermore, as more and more people join us, we look at one another with awe and respect for the quality, ingenuity and capability of those that are climbing aboard. So imagine (if you will) spending a few days with a group of people with such a high level of energy and anticipation – welcome to my Reduxio. If anyone is curious about my excitement and satisfaction with what I now do, what I am part of: I've never been more satisfied and pleased with my professional situation – so much to do and loads of fun to come.

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