A True story: Convergence and versatility in storage increases your IT stack’s performance

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Human resources specialist shares how his curiosity solved his storage needs

In an ever changing business environment , where technology and automation dominate all aspects of business processes and applications, one central output is the relentless pace of data growth and the need to manage it effectively and protect it in the most cost effective way.

CPP, Corporate Psychologists Press Inc., a human resources software company and creator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator- certified assessment, couldn’t escaped this reality. When considering their IT infrastructure, CPP delved into research on various storage solutions that would facilitate their core need of optimizing business performance.

CPP still uses an all-flash IBM V9000 SAN to support a Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning system and other production systems, in addition to a scale-out Coho Data DataStream SAN to increase capacity or performance.

“Although the IBM V9000 is one of the highest-performing SANs I've ever seen," Mike Johnson, director of global infrastructure and desktop support at CPP, “it has limited capacity for all of our primary storage. The Coho Data storage is "plug-and-play," but requires the upfront expense of customized Arista network switches.”

Reduxio’s Versatile HX550: A converged in primary & secondary storage solution vs all-flash array

Reduxio Systems' storage fell under CPP’s radar and the initial curiosity turned into a happy surprise that came to stay.

CPP’s infrastructure department had already obtained the IBM and Coho Data equipment by then but Johnson credited a reseller when introduced to Reduxio Systems and decided to give it a test run.

"I was willing to put it in as our tier-three storage device, but I didn't know how it would perform," Johnson said. "Once we saw the performance was pretty good, we promoted it to our mission-critical workloads."

The maker of personality-assessment software initially installed Reduxio HX550 unified primary and secondary storage systems to support standard systems for development, quality assurance and testing. Impressed by the performance, CPP has promoted the Reduxio SAN to handle mission-critical applications and a select number of primary workloads.

CPP first purchased and implemented the Reduxio HX550 hybrid solution to provide support in standard systems for development, testing and quality assurance. Mission-critical applications and a selected number of primary workloads were later monitored by the Reduxio SAN soon after Johnson’s team decided to upgrade it to an upper tier storage section of their infrastructure impressed by its performance.

The plan is to eventually move most tier-one storage from existing SAN environments to Reduxio to take advantage of its capacity, native data protection and performance scaling”, said Johnson.
"I've always figured there isn't one storage device that gives you all three of those things, but it's looking like Reduxio Systems has the potential" .Johnson said.

CPP now owns two Reduxio HX550 hybrid arrays at its main data center in Sunnyvale, California and two others at a newly opened facility in the U.K.

BackDating allowed near-zero RTOs/RPOs in disaster recovery

Following CPP’s IT Team extended research and testing on Reduxio, the members were able to answer the critical question of whether the HX550 would be a reliable solution for the company’s revenue generating activities. Johnson replied that he was pleased at Reduxio's ability to deliver primary storage performance without relying exclusively on flash.

Johnson said he also likes the native data protection in Reduxio's TimeOS operating system, particularly the BackDating feature that allows recovery to any-point-in-time. Reduxio Systems recently added the NoMigrate replication and the NoRestore copy data management features.

"We decided our revenue-generating systems could reside on the Reduxio storage device," Johnson said. "Our plan going forward is to put all our revenue-generating systems on Reduxio and reduce our recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives from hours to days to seconds to minutes."

Disclaimer: This is an adaptation from a Techtarget Story by Garry Kranz.

Ioanna Skouteli

Written by Ioanna Skouteli

Ioanna is passionate about technology and enjoys learning how it can make people's lives better and easier. She currently works in Reduxio's MarLab, a diverse team that leads and implements innovative marketing efforts. Ioanna holds a BSc in International Affairs and International Business and earned her MSc in International Marketing from Hult International Business School in Boston.

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