Reduxio Webinar: Truths and Myths about Deploying VDI in Education

By Eyal Worthalter for Beyond The Blocks - Friday, May 26, 2017


At the end of 2016 we began planning and creating a series of webinars where our aim is to educate the audience on Data Center Technologies. We decided to do this by delivering a 360 view of each topic means of bringing in 3 perspectives:

  • The Guest Subject Matter Expert: A 3rd party consultant or analyst who is recognized as an authority in this specific field.
  • The Vendor: This means us, but it could very well be Technology Partners, Service Providers, etc. We aim at not being overtly promotional when we discuss our technology and instead try to invite the audience to learn more after giving them a sneak peek at what Reduxio can do.
  • The Guest User: We usually ask one of our Customers to join us. We've come to know that they provide balance between the guest SME and our views. They also are the ones in the field, day to day constantly trying to make improvements to the lives of their internal users as well as themselves. Who can be better at sharing best practices than those who are constantly practicing them right?


This has now become our quarterly webinar series which we hope will continue to be informative, entertaining and educational for our listeners and/or readers.

For that reason we decided to re-visit the first episode:

Improve Storage Performance for VDI  


  • An introduction to challenges facing VDI Deployments
  • Best approach for scaling access to VDI effectively in terms of Storage Systems.



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Eyal Worthalter

Written by Eyal Worthalter

Eyal enjoys discovering, learning and sharing how technology can improve our world. He currently leads content marketing efforts at Reduxio as Head of Sales Enablement. Eyal holds a BSc in Electronics & Communications Engineering and earned his MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston.

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