The Storage World is Due for Disruption – It’s About Time

By Nir Peleg for Beyond The Blocks - Monday, August 31, 2015

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If you take a long, measured look across the data storage industry you will find there has not been any fundamental innovation in feature capability in the last 20 years. The last significant innovation in this space was snapshots and snap-based replication which NetApp made popular. Since then, however, it has been slow, expected changes that best characterizes the development of the storage industry.

Sometimes innovation isn’t necessary (if it ain't broke, don't fix it), but in technology, innovation propels us forward and almost always improves upon the original design. Other times, a lack of innovation isn’t because of a shortage of original ideas and effort – innovation is very difficult and sometimes it takes years, decades and even longer to really come to fruition. A true industry breakthrough is difficult to achieve and not for the faint of heart.

The founders of Reduxio with the perspective gained through decades in the storage industry, each brought our own ideas and experience, and yes, even failures, to the table when we started Reduxio over three years ago. One thing that we could all agree on was the fact that the state of primary storage was largely an accumulation of bolt-on solutions and incremental advancements.  Point solutions to specific problems were being introduced, but technology was not well integrated and processes were becoming unnecessarily complex. With this recognition, we concluded that the only way to fix the problem was to disrupt the status quo - to architect a whole new system from the ground up to fix the real problems of today and tomorrow, rather than just patch existing technology.

Many companies claim their primary mission is to disrupt. Sure, that sounds like a good thing, but disrupt what, exactly? A business model? A technology delivery system? It is a fair question to ask us: what are we disrupting? We at Reduxio want nothing less than to disrupt the entire customer process on how companies deploy, use and manage their data and storage. We want to deliver to our customers technology that fundamentally improves their processes and workflows. We might even go so far as to say we aim to disrupt time so you can get it back. And then you can spend this recovered time on far more valuable and interesting projects than rebuilding a crashed database from a 30-minute-old snapshot.

Once we realized that we would have to start from scratch, it freed us from the design and architectural conventions of that had been common in the storage industry for decades: Most architectures evolved from those that were originally defined for disk-based systems. Starting with the assumption that storage in the future will primarily have to deal with solid-state media (flash today and others in the future), we’ve created a completely new approach to metadata representation. This approach coherently and holistically enables a set of features, such as inline deduplication and transparent relocation of data. Moreover, this approach enables   BackDating™: a reliable and foolproof way to reduce customers’ recovery time by being able to get back to any point-in-time in the past. A customer can recover any volume in one-second increments with no impact to performance. BackDating eliminates the management and scheduling complexity associated with traditional snapshots. Our flash hybrid storage systems with BackDating, supports in-line in-memory dedupe and compression, and a fine-grained, highly reactive data tiering engine that continuously and autonomously moves data between multiple tiers such that application data is always optimally placed.

There is a changing storage landscape, whether you categorize it as evolving or being in the midst of a revolution, which demands new solutions to meet new challenges. We firmly believe at Reduxio that we have not only a unique but also a completely novel approach to customer problems.

At the heart of every Reduxio storage system is the Reduxio TimeOS that embodies our thinking and architectural approach to storage. Today it allows us to deliver BackDating and the most cost effective primary storage solution in the market today. But the power of the new architecture is that it allows us to deliver more capabilities that have the power to redefine data storage, management and protection well into the future. It’s about time.

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Nir Peleg

Written by Nir Peleg

Realizing that major shifts in the IT industry - cloud computing, Flash and mobile require new technology, Nir founded Reduxio, and architected its groundbreaking core technology. He is responsible for the company's strategic roadmap and its intellectual property management. Nir is an accomplished high-technology industry executive and visionary, with over 30 years of experience.

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