7 Challenges Every IT Superhero Can Relate With

By Kerstin Jensen for Beyond The Blocks - Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Let’s face it; even though IT professionals are superheroes in their respective organizations, they can struggle too.

But then again, if things were that easy, it wouldn’t take an IT Superhero to handle the job, right? That said, we’ve listened to the feedback you have provided here and compiled a list of the top seven most common struggles that professionals in the IT world face. 


Struggle #1: Everything that runs on electricity must be IT!

Your colleagues come to you when the toasters/microwaves/fridges/coffeemakers don’t work. Why? Because it’s plugged in and runs on electricity, and all electrical appliances are naturally something IT people can fix. I mean, it’s all part of IT, isn’t it? Sigh; that is so not the job of an IT Superhero. These co-workers really need to learn that electricity starts with neither I nor T.


Struggle #2: Growing number of remote workers

As more employees ditch the daily commute, opting instead to be home-based or remote workers, network administrators’ concerns also increase. It’s difficult enough to maintain data security for devices within the safe walls of their own network. But having to ensure secure remote access for employees outside the office building is an even greater challenge. Good thing the IT Superhero is up for it.


Struggle #3: The BYOD practice

Employees come to work every day bringing with them their smartphones, tablets, and laptops for both work and personal use. This practice of allowing employees’ devices to connect to the corporate network poses big headaches even to IT Superheroes. System security and usage monitoring are top concerns, but that’s not all. You will have to handle users’ issues with their devices, and yes, that may include assistance in updating their iPhone or some other simple problem. Hello, haven’t these guys heard of Google search?


Struggle #4: Phantom vibrations syndrome

For those who have to constantly deal with users’ problems, this may sound familiar: “I think my phone is ringing? No, maybe now? Okay, now it is ringing for sure!” This is the everyday life for you, especially if you are an IT Admin Superhero. Co-workers call you so often for their computer- or network-related difficulties that if your phone is silent even for 5 minutes, you start experiencing phantom vibrations, or hear imaginary ringing, or wonder if something is seriously wrong somewhere.


Struggle #5: Malware attacks

No matter how many workshops and trainings you hold, there will always be at least two (or three or four) users who end up being attacked by malware, getting their files corrupted, or worse, completely losing valuable data. If only users were more conscious of following the company’s best practices, these threats could have been avoided in the first place. But no matter, dealing with malware is part of the IT Superhero’s job description.


Struggle #6: User error (but he won’t admit it)

"Something went wrong somewhere, but it wasn’t me!” Yeah, that’s what users would like to believe. But I think we’re all in agreement here – 90% of the time, an IT problem is caused by a user error. You’ve all gone through this before: you spend hours trying to fix a user’s problem, only to find out that the person made a silly error that you didn’t think was possible for anyone to make.


Struggle #7: On-call, all the time

Everyone knows that you are the only person that can save the day and the data, so they call you 24/7. It does not matter if you are sick, on vacation, or even getting married! Forget weekends and holidays, too. If the data is vulnerable, you have to be available. Well, nobody ever said that the life of an IT Superhero was easy...


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Kerstin Jensen

Written by Kerstin Jensen

Kerstin has lived and studied in Denmark, England and The United States. She has worked in the second largest provider of knowledge sharing groups, but her passion lies always in working with startups. In Boston, she has helped several startups creating content and sharing their unique stories. At Reduxio, she realized that a majority of IT professionals today don't receive the recognition that they deserve. Together with the team, she’s now on a mission to change that and show the world how invaluable IT Superheroes are!

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