My Journey Towards Joining a “Sci-Fi” Storage Company

By Ken Smallwood for Beyond The Blocks - Thursday, March 17, 2016

TimeOS moves you into the 21st Century!

To all my friends in the industry.

I’ve recently found a new home. A new and exciting storage company. But before I tell you which company I’m talking about, I’d like to share how I got to know of it and why I did everything I could to get a job there.

The research

It all started with a Google search on the “top 10 data storage companies to be watched” and “the most awarded storage companies” lists. Among all those companies, there was one that kept showing up - my new home. I knew that there are usually a lot of buzz and praise among companies in these lists, so before pursuing a new position and a career change, I decided to do some research and looked up each of those companies. I even went on interviews and was able to attend marketing events to check out their pitches. Once, I even had to get permission from a company to stay when they found out I was working for a competitor (but investigating for a new position with them) - my story was verified and I was allowed to stay! A lot of touch and go at first.

I then watched hours of YouTube videos to get an education about the feature sets and the key differentiators that each system provided. I was looking for what made them unique and not just ubiquitous. I researched in great detail elements such as the ease of deployment, demos, and attachment to VM’s restores… And what some of the older industry trends call “snapshots” - a term that, in my opinion, has some nostalgic overtones from 30 years ago! ☺

I looked at what each interface looked like and how prospective customers reacted to this older messaging. I’ve done many lunch & learns in my 20+ years in the industry and, out of all of them, Reduxio delivered the best message!

Ok, it’s out now. My new home is called Reduxio.


First impressions - Sci-Fi tech for storage

The look-and-feel of Reduxio’s interface was first demoed to me on a touch screen - it doesn’t run on Java so it worked great on any tablet! When I drilled down into the storage appliance graphics and exposed 10g interconnects, it reminded me of a cross between Star Trek’s next generation engineering console on the NCC Enterprise 1701-D with a little of Iron Man’s mask superimposed graphic influence.

Among its many features, Reduxio’s most surreal accomplishment must be its ability to run through time… Yes, you heard me, this array has space/time relationship with metadata. It allows you to transverse through the time differential of data restore to the second. It’s a feature we call “backdating,” and it is amazing.

Space is reduced by Reduxio through inline deduplication - a feature that is always on without impacting performance. This differs greatly from most arrays of a previous generation, in which you have the option to shut off deduplication (whether it’s post-process or inline) - have you asked yourselves: Why is this? Does it even make sense to turn it off?


Getting the dream job

I was sold on Reduxio, but how would I get in? I looked among my LinkedIn contacts to see who I knew at this new company and managed to locate the hiring manager. I was very straightforward. I told him: “I’m your next hire, I’m your new Sr. System Engineer for SoCal.” In retrospect, that might have been presumptuous on my part, but I absolutely needed to be part of this new and exciting technology! After all my time in this industry, I’ve worked for some winners and I can tell you that this company has all the makings to have a great successful run.

It’s about time for some real innovation in this industry. If you would like to know more about how the future of storage looks like, reach out to me at

I look forward to sharing more of this exciting journey.

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Ken Smallwood

Written by Ken Smallwood

Ken has 20+ years in the storage industry with extensive knowledge with the SAN industry. He has managed design and implementation of storage projects as well as the pre/post-sales education of storage and storage designs. Ken helps customers in the overall research and implementation of storage solutions to solve particular business needs.

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