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Reduxio’s average user review score is a near perfect 9.9

Customer Review: The US’s largest public utility shares their experience in using Reduxio

This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting feedback from real Reduxio customers.

In addition to helping enterprise companies, Reduxio also serves organizations in the public sector such as tate and local government agencies across the US. From the town of Thousand Oaks in Southern California to the towns of Barnstable, Brockton and Medford in Massachusetts, as well as a wide range of unified public school districts from Washington state to Connecticut.

Today’s customer feedback is from the Director of IT of the largest public utility commission in the U.S.

Primary use case

Reduxio was originally going to be used as a secondary storage for our virtual infrastructure to supplement our existing NetApp SolidFire primary storage.

Because of its ability to recover data instantly, we made the decision to make Reduxio our primary storage. Its access speed and now its recently released features makes Reduxio not only an equal, but also better than your older version SANs.”

“Its Access Speed, And Now Its Recently Released Features in V3, Makes Reduxio Not Only An Equal, But Also Better Than Your Older Version SANs.”

Improvements to my organization

“90% of our product infrastructure is now in Reduxio, and because our traditional backup software is capacity-based, we have decided to move our testing and dev infrastructure to Reduxio. This created a tremendous cost savings on our part, with the bonus of instant recovery, without the need for (traditional) backup.”

Valuable features

  • “Instant recovery through its continuous data protection”
  • “Great customer service”
  • “Great implementation team”
  • “No Restore”
  • “No migrate or back dating”
  • “Stable, scalable, and dependable!”

Bottom line

“They are very competitive in pricing, so I would definitely recommend Reduxio [...] Cost savings can be achieved by dumping your traditional backup software. Instant recovery is the way to go. “ 

“Cost savings can be achieved by dumping your traditional backup software. Instant recovery is the way to go.”

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Mike Grandinetti

Written by Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti is Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy officer at Reduxio. He has a unique cross-disciplinary background. He has deep operating experience as a serial venture capital – backed entrepreneur across five very successful ventures, was involved as an early team member in the launch of several successful new businesses within Hewlett-Packard, holds long-standing faculty appointments at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Hult International Business School. He also served as a senior management consultant with McKinsey. As a serial entrepreneur, Mike was involved in the formation of 7 advanced technology start-ups and has helped lead five venture-backed start-up companies to successful exits (twice a multiple exit) for his VC investors, inlcuding 2 NASDAQ IPOs and 5 high multiple trade sales to strategics. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to numerous global start-ups and VC firms across the IT, and is Managing Director of StartupNEXT Boston and a Community Impact Fellow with OpenIDEO.

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