Letting the Customers Speak on our Behalf: Reduxio’s Customer Centric Approach

Reduxio Customer Satisfaction

“The customer is always right.”

It’s so easy to say, but much harder to embody consistently day in, day out, year after year. It’s what separate the average companies only trying to make a buck from the great companies making our lives better. Regardless of whether you are buying something for yourself or your family with your own hard-earned money, or whether you are investing your company’s money into an IT infrastructure or business app, it’s always important to know a company can deliver on what they promise and that they will be there to support you whenever you need it, every step of the way.

It's always important to know a company can deliver on what they promise.

On the consumer side of the equation, we all have had intense personal experiences with a wide range of brands, some of which have fallen short. While United Airlines slogan is “Fly The Friendly Skies,” they’re more widely known for the“United Breaks Guitars” video that went viral and for the recent episode where an elderly doctor was forcibly dragged off a plane, horrifying his fellow passengers. United euphemistically called it an “involuntary deboarding,” but the man incurred a concussion, a broken nose, the loss of two teeth, and his face to be bloodied.

This is in addition to the thousands of reported “microaggressions” United delivers daily. Cumulatively, these episodes suggest a very different reality than “friendly” skies. I can certainly relate. Despite the fact that I am a million-mile flyer on United, and travel well over 100,000 miles annually, I continue to be bitterly disappointed with almost every aspect of the service on an all too regular basis.

The same goes for my experiences with the Marriott. Their new slogan is “Travel Brilliantly.” Their corporate values state, “Our dedication to the customer shows in everything we do.” I can only wish that was even remotely true. Despite the fact that I am a long-standing Platinum Elite Lifetime member, the lack of consistency in service from property to property, combined with a steady deterioration in the call center experience, I can’t help but shake my head. And it often gets worse outside of the US. I have received far superior customer service from Airbnb’s 24-hour hotline, simply because their employees are far more engaged. As a result, I tend to favor Airbnb as my go-to lodging option more and more.

On the positive side of the consumer experience, I have had consistently fair and honest dealings with L.L. Bean, an American heritage brand founded in 1912 with its roots in Maine. They have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and they stand by it religiously.

On the business side, I have been a long time customer of Salesforce.com across my eight startups and my one post MBA public company experience. While they are a very well managed and successful company, they have lost their way when it comes to customer service and support.

Their advertisements, social media posts and Silicon Valley based billboards all claim that the company helps you manage your customer relationships more effectively. I wish that they practiced what they preach, but, in my own consistent experience, they simply don’t. They put territorialism amongst different country and business units ahead of their customers’ interests. In my most recent experience, they took two years to transfer our license from their EMEA group to their US Group. Why? Simple. A loss in quota credit and commission for the sales team. They prioritized that over customer satisfaction. I had to rant on Twitter to get their attention, and that was just the start of a very long and drawn out transition. Disappointing, but all too real.

Every once in a while we encounter companies that deliver consistently exceptional customer service. I have personally felt this in my dealings with Apple for the past 10 plus years. On the B2B side, Reduxio is very pleased with HubSpot, our marketing automation vendor. It’s clear that this is a core value of the company and its people.

This is absolutely the case at Reduxio, and it’s ultimately what convinced me to join the company. For example, while visiting the DevOps headquarters, I saw a fanatically comprehensive and dedicated response to a resolve a customer issue that wasn’t even something related to our company. The team heroically worked night and day for three days to ensure the customer was up and running, and helped them to avoid a near-certain catastrophe in their data center. This is an extreme example, but one that highlights our unyielding commitment to customers. Mostly, we earn our stripes through the honesty in the purchase process about what our system can and can’t do, the installation process, and in post deployment support.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say this — I’m (slightly) biased as the CMO. Instead of just taking my word for it, hear what other Reduxio customers are saying from these eight sources:


1. Read the many 5-star reviews of Reduxio on IT Central Station

IT Central Station is similar to Yelp, TripAdvisor and other user/customer review sites, with a distinct focus on enterprise technology.

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2. Review existing customer case studies on our website

Visit the customer section on our website to see a wide range of two-page, customer approved case studies. 

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3. Watch customers discuss their experience on YouTube

Visit our YouTube channel to see our customers describe their challenges, their use cases, and what their experience was like deploying and using Reduxio.

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4. Get the full story in Reduxio news

In the news section of our website, you’ll find many press releases and articles where our customers have publicly shared their experience with Reduxio. 

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5. Watch a webinar

Visit our resources page to access our highly rated, educationally rich VMWare Users Group webinar series. Each one highlights a specific Reduxio customer subject matter expert.

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6. Speak to a Reduxio customer

You can actually speak to one of our customers in real-time at a Reduxio event in your region, or over the phone if that’s more convenient. Virtually 100% of our customers are referenceable — and they love to talk about Reduxio. We’d be happy to facilitate a call. 

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7. Hear what journalists say about Reduxio when they interview our customers

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8. Take a look at this user-generated content from a customer

This is a video review of our HX550 that one of our customers created without any request from our part.

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Mike Grandinetti

Written by Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti is Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy officer at Reduxio. He has a unique cross-disciplinary background. He has deep operating experience as a serial venture capital – backed entrepreneur across five very successful ventures, was involved as an early team member in the launch of several successful new businesses within Hewlett-Packard, holds long-standing faculty appointments at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Hult International Business School. He also served as a senior management consultant with McKinsey. As a serial entrepreneur, Mike was involved in the formation of 7 advanced technology start-ups and has helped lead five venture-backed start-up companies to successful exits (twice a multiple exit) for his VC investors, inlcuding 2 NASDAQ IPOs and 5 high multiple trade sales to strategics. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to numerous global start-ups and VC firms across the IT, and is Managing Director of StartupNEXT Boston and a Community Impact Fellow with OpenIDEO.

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