Do you know an IT Superhero?

By Reduxio Systems for Beyond The Blocks - Wednesday, July 06, 2016

IT Superheroes

If there’s anything we can learn from the steady stream of superhero movies that come our way courtesy of Marvel and DC Comics, it’s that your next door neighbor or perhaps your office colleague might just be one. Sounds too much of a tall tale to be believable?

Well, if you stop to consider for a moment that not all superheroes are high-flying, punch-throwing or wall-scaling as the Peter Parker and Clark Kent variety, then this could very well be true. And they definitely don’t need to wear capes. For all we know, the superheroes we most need could be in shirts and jeans and saving the day in our IT Departments.

Here at Reduxio, we would like to recognize the IT people in businesses who do a lot of the grunt work but are largely left unacknowledged and underappreciated. For making our office systems (and consequently, our work lives) much better, they deserve to be called IT Superheroes.


Systems Analyst aka Super Geek

The systems analyst ranks among the top echelon of IT people and there’s little surprise to that. They may well be the Superman of the industry—thus, Super Geek—because they’ve got their hands in everything from researching, planning, designing, programming, and whatever else it is that goes into creating and maintaining successful IT systems. What’s even more impressive is that they do all these tasks with aplomb. C-level executives listen to their recommendations and the rest hold them in high regard. So move over Superman, Super Geek is taking over the world.


Programmer aka Captain Coder

Even the greatest software ideas can only go as far as programmers can take it. They turn mere visions to actual applications, and create virtual worlds so exciting that users don’t want to leave. They do what they do not so much for the money, or for the prestige (although they are rock stars in the industry), but more for the challenge and the fun of it. If super soldier Captain America was given enhanced strength and physical abilities, Captain Coder is naturally gifted with amazing brainpower. Armed with his programming language that only he and his ilk can understand, he has one constant mission: to come up with the world’s next best software.


Database Administrator aka Data Man

For anything and everything that has got to do with an organization’s data, the Data Man’s got you covered. Yup, he’s your database administrator in not-so-superhero terms. Installing database software and maintaining database servers are a big part of the DBA’s job; but what’s really important for end users is that he makes the right information available when and where needed. He has a deep understanding of the organization’s data goals, and is able to work with the systems/data analyst and the management team to deliver on these database needs. So if you need key figures on the fly and get them at the right time, you have the Data Man to thank for.


System Administrator aka Mr. Computer

System administrators are mostly responsible for server maintenance, network upkeep, backups, software installation, user access rights and password policies, and a myriad more odd jobs that have to do with the overall performance of the network. While the nickname Mr. Computer is so apt given his various roles, he doesn’t get as much recognition as other high-profile IT positions, he hears endless criticism for downtimes, and users don’t like his strict enforcement of rules (who cares about security?). That’s right; being a sysadmin certainly doesn’t sound like the most exciting or rewarding of jobs. Here’s the thing though: his role is crucial to keeping the company’s computer systems running as they should. Organizations can’t do without a Mr. Computer, so typical hero image or not, he’s a superhero in our book.


IT Manager aka Managerio

Not many people are familiar with what IT managers do. Exactly who or what do they supervise? Do they design systems? Do they simply order IT people around? Truth is, the IT manager does a bit of everything and then some. He can be your network maintenance personnel, resource planner, trainer and educator (of software and computer systems), and all-around IT guy. The common perception is that his technical skills are not on par with the other IT professionals (say an analyst, programmer, or DBA), but he more than makes up for it with his people skills and his understanding of how technology can further business growth. Think Nick Fury and the Avengers and you get the picture. He may not be the flashy type, but Managerio impresses us just the same with his ability to stay on top of things in the IT Department.


Infrastructure Specialist aka Master Planner

Just as architectural masterpieces are designed by great architects, complex computer networks and information systems need the hand of an infrastructure specialist. A Master Planner in every sense, he evaluates existing IT infrastructure, recommends a new system or additional software that are better suited for the organization’s needs, and oversees the installation and management of these new systems. From that description alone, you know that his job is extremely technical and requires a high level of learning. So let’s take out our superhero checklist and see. Skills beyond that of the average guy? Check. Ability to find solutions? Check. Able to swoop in and save the day? Well, not really… but his work does make the company’s IT system better equipped for the long haul so technically, he saves more than just the day.


Computer Technician aka Quick Fixer

When there’s something strange going on with your PC—monitor’s not turning on, keyboard’s not working—who do you call? (Hint: it’s not the Ghostbusters) Who else but the computer technician. He’s a guy you don’t wish to see often because that always means there’s something wrong, but when you do, you can only hope that he’ll do his work well and do it fast. As soon as the job gets done, he may be briefly regarded as a ‘hero’, but quickly forgotten once out of sight. He’s one of the more underrated IT personnel and his pay scale shows that too. But we all could use a Quick Fixer on speed dial because no matter how good we are at our jobs, a broken down computer can bring everything to a grinding halt. Time to call the hero!


IT People are Superheroes

In general, IT people stay in the background and we often forgot about them until an IT-related concern comes up. But if we try to really see how they make our work easier for us, our systems more efficient, and our organization as a whole more competitive, we’ll see them in a new light. IT people are instrumental in solving problems and improving solutions. They also protect people and organizations—a vital role these days when we are in constant danger of various security risks and digital threats.

Have you given them a thought today? Make a difference.

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