“It’s About Time” to reveal the name of the next big thing

By Dmitry Gorbatov for Beyond The Blocks - Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I am in Israel right now and I think “It’s About Time” I told you the name of the next big thing – and it is Reduxio.

When I was approached by Reduxio, I had never heard of them before. What this startup was able to accomplish in such a short period of time is astounding. The whole premise is that snapshots are obsolete. Nobody wants to “schedule” things anymore. Have you tried to take a snapshot every second? Engineers at Reduxio created a groundbreaking method to deal with the metadata that continuously tracks what is happening in the storage system.

That ability allows storage users to go back in time to any second. It is called Backdating, but has nothing to do with stock options :). You can go back in time to any second in the past and recover your data. You don’t need to be a storage expert, no need for training and vendor certifications – just turn the dial back and don’t worry about RAID, disk pools, consistency groups or anything else related to storage configuration – it just works all the time.

Many traditional storage vendors tout deduplication and compression as must have enterprise features. But most of the time it is implemented as post process or is often limited to a single volume. Reduxio NoDup® dedups and compresses the data globally, and inline when it is ingested even before it hits the memory cache. By the time it gets written to media, it is already deduped and compressed reducing the overall storage requirements and enabling better performance.

“It’s about time” to deliver an enterprise storage array with all flash performance at a fraction of the cost. “It’s about time” to have the best of both worlds without compromise.

I mentioned before that I thought I would never work in the storage space again, but I couldn't be more excited to have joined Reduxio. If you would like to know more about the next big thing in storage, just reach out to me at dmitry@reduxio.com

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Dmitry Gorbatov

Written by Dmitry Gorbatov

Having worked abroad deploying and supporting various voicemail, SMS text, and multimedia messaging value-add systems, and directing support and field engineering teams in Southeast Asia for Comverse; then more recently, a 10-year period with NetApp in New England as their Senior Solution Principal and Enterprise Systems Engineer, Dmitry brings end-user and vendor perspectives together. Now the regional lead of Systems Engineering for Reduxio Systems, Dmitry offers his experience, professional expertise, as well as his personal passions for golf, distance running, and anything to do with his son’s youth basketball successes.

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