Reduxio Wins MARTECH's Stackie Award

Reduxio received MARTECH's award for our innovative organizational chart. Learn why below.

I have been leading startup marketing and strategy teams in the enterprise tech space across eight consecutive new ventures for 25 years. With the exception of the primary focus of delivering exceptional value to your customer, virtually everything in that time frame has changed profoundly in terms of how to staff, organize and manage a marketing team for maximum market impact in the Permanent Fast Forward, Digital and Social world we now find ourselves in.

When I was asked to join Reduxio by Co-Founder and CEO Mark Wiener, we both agreed that we would take a decidedly different approach than that taken by storage industry incumbents EMC / Dell, NetApp and many others. These companies continue to primarily use many of the same methods that I was using 25 years ago.


To say that everything has changed might seem hyperbolic, but it is not.

B2B customers have been emboldened by their experiences as consumers with world-class design through products from icons like Apple, and expectations of real-time shared knowledge by travel sites like Trip Advisor. We live in the age of the empowered customer.

They, and only they, decide when to engage with a prospective vendor to solve a new challenge within their company, their business unit, their data center. We, the vendor, must now meet them on their terms. They do not want to be sold. They want to be educated, with honest and accurate value-added information.

In addition, we live in the era of Lean Startup, where a culture of agility, experimentation, rapid iterative learning and cash efficiency are now table stakes in any globally competitive market where companies race to keep up with warp-speed market dynamics.

The organization chart which Reduxio submitted to MarTech for the first ever “Stackies” Organization Edition directly reflects this new world order – this prevalent market reality. It reflects my experiences both as a startup marketing executive and as a Professor of Digital Marketing at the Hult International Business School, where I have the pleasure of training the next generation of marketing executives. All digital natives, I learn much from them every time they are in my classroom about today’s world. There’s no better way to learn than to teach.

Reduxio Marketing org Stack.jpg

This approach works. Despite spending a small fraction of what the big guys spend on marketing, we are building a global brand, acquiring world-class customers, getting engagement on our social media sites, landing media placements, winning the hearts and minds of industry analysts and key opinion leaders, all the while using an agile methodology to run the marketing team and automating our marketing operations using Hubspot.

We at Reduxio are proud to have won this prestigious award – the inaugural “Stackies” Organization Edition. I am very proud of my amazing marketing team, Adrian, Alberto, Eli, Emi, Eyal, and Narayanan. Thank you for all that you do for Reduxio.

I will continue to write posts on Beyond the Blocks about Reduxio’s view of marketing.

Mike Grandinetti

Written by Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti is Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy officer at Reduxio. He has a unique cross-disciplinary background. He has deep operating experience as a serial venture capital – backed entrepreneur across five very successful ventures, was involved as an early team member in the launch of several successful new businesses within Hewlett-Packard, holds long-standing faculty appointments at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Hult International Business School. He also served as a senior management consultant with McKinsey. As a serial entrepreneur, Mike was involved in the formation of 7 advanced technology start-ups and has helped lead five venture-backed start-up companies to successful exits (twice a multiple exit) for his VC investors, inlcuding 2 NASDAQ IPOs and 5 high multiple trade sales to strategics. He currently serves as a Senior Advisor to numerous global start-ups and VC firms across the IT, and is Managing Director of StartupNEXT Boston and a Community Impact Fellow with OpenIDEO.

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