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Since the start of 2018, the IT Central Station team reached out to Reduxio customers with one clear aim: to find out what they really thought about their experiences with Reduxio.

As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, we are always on the look out for user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. When our team works with companies like Reduxio to get reviews from their customers, we have the unique opportunity to hear authentic feedback from real users who are all too happy to share their opinions.

Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we at IT Central Station have created a long-standing reputation of offering objective, current and relevant information about enterprise technology solutions to our community. Through our triple-authentication process, we ensure that our reviews only come from knowledgeable users without vendor bias.

To that end, while Reduxio allowed us to reach out to their customers, they were not present when their users were providing reviews, nor did they approve the reviews before they were published on our platform. This was to ensure that Reduxio users were able to provide their honest opinions that could best benefit our community.

We discovered that many of the Reduxio users providing reviews highlighted similar features that contributed to their positive experiences with this leading storage solution. While Reduxio’s HX550 product is technically listed in our platform’s all-flash and backup & recovery categories, their product’s main objective is to unify primary and secondary storage management with built-in data protection capabilities. This unique architecture came up frequently in Reduxio’s user reviews, as well as other aspects of the solution that our community has found especially valuable.

In this post, we highlight three of the most prevalent themes that has come up among Reduxio users about this unique solution, which we hope will help others looking for honest, unbiased tech reviews in their market research.

Ease of use

One major theme that comes up in Reduxio’s reviews on IT Central Station is how easy it is to use:

“It is very easy to use, very easy to configure, very easy to manipulate how we manage our data stores. My advice: Buy it, love it, never look back.”

- Richard Boucher , Director of Information Services.

“Before we moved to Reduxio, we had difficulties managing what had been backed up. We have to be very, very specific, professional with backups and, with Reduxio, it's very easy to manage and use. This is a benefit from the product because although it's doing what all others do, it's doing it better.”

- CIO at a government company

Eliminating management overheads

Reduxio’s superior storage capabilities is another common theme that has come up in their IT Central Station user reviews, and how this feature has helped save time and resources:

“We are enjoying a quantum leap in speed, reliability, and available space with this system. Our servers run better, we are not constantly squeezing for space, and there is no need to mess around with configuration to keep it running, struggling with constant and uncooperative updates, or buy/build notification systems for hardware failures. The Reduxio unit just does its job and does it well; we can take our data for granted. No more worries, no more time spent managing storage.”

- Richard Onanian , Network Administrator at a university.

“It has improved our backup and recovery window, because you can have two Reduxio machines linked up, so every block that changes on the primary storage array gets replicated to the secondary storage array. If one side or the other goes bad, you just recover from the other side.”

- Larry Lawler , CTO at a tech vendor with 1,000+ employees.


Another topic that came up frequently in Reduxio’s user reviews on IT Central Station is their BackDatingTM feature, which helps their users tremendously with data recovery and troubleshooting:

“Reduxio fights ransomware like a champ! We had a ransomware attack shortly after we had implemented the HX550, and with the BackDatingTM feature, we were able to just turn back the clock to the point in time before the infections started and boom! It was gone. No need to set snapshots, no need to worry about last backups, just turn back the clock, and go back in time. It was done. Period.”

- Craig Hurwitz , Director of IT at Barnstable Police Department.

“The Reduxio BackDatingTM has given us the ability to troubleshoot application errors with exact replication of conditions down to the second. It has also reduced the cost of management with native deduplication, inline compression, and automatic storage tiering.”

Systems Analyst at a manufacturing company


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Written by Danielle Felder

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