Why Are You Spending Your Money on That All-Flash Array?

By Fred Nix for Beyond The Blocks - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why are you spending all that money on all flash?
Are current all-flash arrays a good investment?

I’ve been at Reduxio for almost 6 months now, and I’m having to question some of what I learned. Truth is, I’ve drank my fair share of kool-aid over the years. Some of the lessons that I learned still ring true, but some I’ve had to unlearn.  One of them, drilled into me by my previous employers, was that AFAs are always needed and are always cost-effective.  

But are they really?


When all-flash is too much flash

Let me ask you this: Is 100% of the data on your AFA “hot data”?  

If so, good investment! If not, my guess is that if you do a heat-map you might find that you have about 10% hot data, and that’s if you are RUNNING HARD. So let’s say it is 10%. Is storing the other 90%, which is  cold data, on flash a good investment? I think the answer here should be pretty obvious.

In fact, the issue is not that a storage system is built from flash. The issue is that these systems support only one tier of storage - and that tier is one type of flash. So you end up using the same expensive media to serve 10% of the data that is hot and store 90% of the data that is cold.

What if you could have a flash storage solution at a fraction of the investment? What if you could also get next generation data services to boot? Services like data recovery to any second in time.

I’m telling you. With Reduxio, it’s possible.

Flash Storage with BackDating™ by Reduxio

Reduxio’s HX550 flash storage combines flash media and magnetic media to deliver a solution that is capable of serving data as fast as some of the leading AFAs in the market - ESG says so.

The beauty of it? It requires a fraction of the investment.

The key is our fully autonomous tiering engine that is the only one of its kind in the industry. It adapts to changing workloads in real-time, is optimized for each media type to improve performance and durability (future proof), and is fully-automated. Period. No configuration, no policies, no schedules, no fuss. Hot data is kep on media that is optimized for serving data, and cold data is kept on cheap media that is cost effective for storage.


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If you would like to discuss this further, contact me at @nixfred or fred@reduxio.com


Fred Nix

Written by Fred Nix

Throughout Fred’s 21 years in the technology industry he has led multiple companies through complex business integrations and business technology programs. He consistently rose to the top ranks of the organizations he leads, always putting his team first. Fred enjoys being a sounding board & trusted advisor for many Chief's across the southeast. Managing the execution of complex technology programs is all in a days work.

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