The Data Storage Industry needs Innovation, Fast.

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The Needed Innovation in Data Storage

Innovation and technology advancements happen on a daily basis. Some products, companies, and industries advance and evolve faster than others. Data storage doesn’t escape this reality, in fact, it tends to be on the slower side of innovation.

For more than 20 years, it has remained the same; with most doing the same things the same ways without showing true innovation. So, what needs to happen? Although the competition is fierce,and there are plenty of storage solutions for various needs, the data storage industry is still highly fragmented. The existing solutions are costly, resource demanding and complex to set up, configure and manage, growing the confidence gap with data recovery following disasters, attacks or human error.

This is where Reduxio comes in. By moving away from the traditional approach and rethinking the entire data storage architecture, Reduxio is making it easier to store, manage and protect data, freeing up IT professionals' time and making their jobs easier.

Reduxio's unique data management architecture

Mike Grandinetti, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Reduxio, was recently interviewed by Stu Miniman of theCUBE where they discussed innovation and how Reduxio is bringing significant changes to the storage industry.

You may now be wondering, where is this innovation coming from? Reduxio has grown to be a universe. A universe where the center gravitates around its customers, its partners and the value that is delivered to them on a daily basis. To deliver that value it takes a passionate, dynamic team, a set of people who are comfortable with innovation, with the unknown, and taking risks. It is truly remarkable to witness the amount of learning and customer engagement accumulating day by day in Reduxio.

Watch the video below for tips to hack innovation in the Storage industry.

Building the culture of innovation

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Ioanna Skouteli

Written by Ioanna Skouteli

Ioanna is passionate about technology and enjoys learning how it can make people's lives better and easier. She currently works in Reduxio's MarLab, a diverse team that leads and implements innovative marketing efforts. Ioanna holds a BSc in International Affairs and International Business and earned her MSc in International Marketing from Hult International Business School in Boston.

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