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By Ioanna Skouteli for Beyond The Blocks - Thursday, May 17, 2018

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In addition to helping enterprises, Reduxio also serves organizations in the public sector such as state and local government agencies across the US. From the City of Thousand Oaks in Southern California to the towns of Barnstable, Brockton, and Medford in Massachusetts, as well as a wide range of unified public school districts from Washington state to Connecticut.

This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting feedback from real Reduxio customers.

In verticals such as public administration or education, it is common to see small teams, if not one-man IT shops, who are tasked with the impossible mandate to provide maximum protection as well as optimal performance with extremely lean and limited resources. Paired with the radical increase in ransomware and any type of cyber attacks their mission quickly escalates to become a superhuman like effort.

The Reduxio solution offers a unified approach, in primary and secondary storage management with built-in data protection capabilities.

This story represents one of the hundreds customer experiences of forward IT professionals who are willing to adopt new technologies that would eventually disrupt the industry.

When evaluating their options, our users quickly recognized the value derived from the in-line, always-on deduplication (NoDup®), tiering (TierX) and data protection (BackDating™) features for their data center.

“Once we found out what the box could do, which as of yet (to my knowledge) other vendors can't, it was just a case of acquiring the box.”

Nalin Uduwawala, Information Technology Manager

Performance & Capacity:

Features such as in-line, always on deduplication of the data inputs before storing into the systems and automatic tiering prove to be valuable for our user’s team performance. Improvements were described in terms of keeping their data center’s capacity intact while significantly minimizing any types of manual data management requirements thus improving management overhead, all through a simple and elegant user interface.

Ransomware Recovery:

Circling back to the issue of a data center being compromised in the case of a cyber attack, our users find great benefits in Reduxio’s native data protection feature, BackDating, that has occasionally been characterized as a “time-machine”. Although, it’s not yet possible to detect and prevent a malicious attack, this time-machine allows users to dial back, with down to second granularity and choose the time when their data center was still intact. Essentially, by driving near zero RTOs and RPOs, and constant supervision from Reduxio’s support team, you’re back in business within minutes from an unfortunate ransomware incident.

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Ioanna is passionate about technology and enjoys learning how it can make people's lives better and easier. She currently works in Reduxio's MarLab, a diverse team that leads and implements innovative marketing efforts. Ioanna holds a BSc in International Affairs and International Business and earned her MSc in International Marketing from Hult International Business School in Boston.

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