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By Ioanna Skouteli for Beyond The Blocks - Friday, May 4, 2018

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In addition to helping state and local government agencies across the US, Reduxio is committed to offer its value proposition to wide variety of enterprise companies operating nationwide and in various competitive industries with significant requirements in data protection and data management needs.

This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting feedback from real Reduxio customers.

Today’s customer feedback is from the CTO of a large multinational technology vendor headquartered in Mission Hills, California, who is discussing the improvements they saw in their organization.

The "Time Machine" feature allows to go back a few seconds or minutes before a ransomware attack happened.

Ransomware can be beaten - Seamless Recovery

“We were pleased to learn that Reduxio also has, beside dedup and compression that actually works, the "time machine" built in, which allows you to go back a few seconds or a few minutes before a ransomware attack gets you. The most important feature to me is being able to recover from ransomware. Because of the "time machine" that's built into the product, you can go back to five seconds before the ransomware hits your company's data, and prevent the ransomware from ever happening, and in today's business climate where there are so many ransomware attacks going on, that’s for me the most important thing.”

No Snapshots anymore - Maximize capacity

“For us, in the software business - I can see where some companies, their main concern is how many IOs per second it can do. Everybody else does Snapshots, and that's just not workable, because if you're doing a Snapshot every minute and a half you run out of storage so fast, and you need four times the storage capacity to be able to take those Snapshots to recover from ransomware.”

Break free from legacy binding configurations

“And one other feature that I think is unique to Reduxio that you should probably know about is, most storage arrays when you buy them, they call it a "forklift upgrade," where a forklift comes in there and pulls out the old storage, and brings in a new storage. But with Reduxio, it can use all your old storage arrays, whether they're NetApp, or IBM, or EMC, or HPE, as targets for doing backups.
In our situation, once we had all of our guests off of NetApp, we then used the NetApp storage array as our backup target. We would write backup copies of the guests to NetApp and also to the cloud. So we'd have a local copy for recovery purposes, and a cloud copy for disaster recovery if the whole datacenter disappeared. Reduxio does that for you. It can write a backup copy to any storage array and, at the same time, write another copy to just about any cloud provider.”

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