How to defeat the it villain - ransomware in 35 minutes!

By Reduxio Systems for Beyond The Blocks - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

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Among the many threats that are surfacing in the IT world, ransomware is one of the biggest and deadliest. Every day, about 4000 companies are under threat of attack – an increase of 300% compared to 2015’s figures. Moreover, more than $200 million has been paid to ransomware hackers in the first quarter of 2016 alone. In other words, the IT Superheroes are facing a rapidly-growing threat that doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

IT Superhero to the rescue

But there’s some good news to be had – a solution might have been found. The Barnstable Police Department in Massachusetts was recently attacked by a ransomware and only had Craig Hurwitz to rely on. Fortunately, Craig was able to summon his inner IT superhero powers and discovered a way out that thwarted the IT villain’s efforts. Not only was the ransomware unsuccessful; the police department also managed to get all their data back in less than 35 minutes. No data loss, no loss of resources, and no ransom paid to the hackers!

How did they manage to defeat the Ransomware villain so easily and efficiently? Let’s take a closer look at the story…

An attack like no other

It was a regular day for the 130-people police department in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Then suddenly, they were under malware attack and they found their files being encrypted by the attacker. Now when you work in a police department, you are usually prepared for any kind of challenge on a daily basis, but this was different. This was a ransomware attack.The effect was immediate and disastrous: the entire police department lost access to their system, which meant that they could not retrieve any data from the records management system, look up criminal records, and transmit information to the field officers. What’s more, citizens could not call in and report crimes, as the calls could not be tracked. It was as if the police department was back to the days of pen and paper, and criminals could easily run wild. A Superhero was desperately needed!

The defeat of the Ransomware villain

The police department called upon their IT Superhero, Craig Hurwitz. He was their only hope to save not only the day and the data, but also the security of the city of Barnstable and all its citizens.As we all know, there are a number of technologies and superpowers that can defeat IT threats. Normally, these superpowers involve firewalls, antivirus solutions, and backups. However, the IT villains have gotten more mischievous; they can now bombard firewalls, use camouflage to get away with anti-viruses, and sneak in to kidnap the data in between backup windows. All of these can leave you helpless, stuck in a situation where all you can do is pay, and hope that the hackers will give back your data.However, this story has a different ending. Craig had a secret weapon that the hackers did not anticipate. He had the means to travel back in time to any given second, and with that, he was able to go back to the very second before the hackers breached into the system and recover all the data that was held ransom. The hackers never stood a chance against this unknown superpower, and in a matter of 35 minutes, the attack was over. The data was reconnected to the host, and IT Superhero Craig was left standing as the savior of data.


How to travel back in time

Now, let’s get real here –it’s not possible for humans to travel back in time. But when we talk about storage data, it is possible to go back to any specific second in time and make a copy of the already stored data. No more hourly backups that will still leave you vulnerable, but second-to-second backup.No superhero is ever without a sidekick, and in this case, it’s the source of his superpower. Let me explain: The HX550™ storage systems and BackDating™ developed by Reduxio allows IT professionals to simply travel back to any given second and make a copy of their data. Because Craig had the BackDating™ technology, he simply went back to the exact moment before the hackers struck and made a copy of the data, thus rendering the entire ransomware attack powerless.

The trusted sidekick

This groundbreaking superpower was developed by Reduxio, a company devoted to helping all IT professionals stand up to the various threats in the IT world. Besides the BackDating™ technology, Reduxio has also developed other technologies designed to make things a lot easier in your organization. You can:

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