Flashback to the Future: The evolution of VM Backup - On Demand Webinar

By Eyal Worthalter for Beyond The Blocks - Friday, November 10, 2017

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The Evolution of VM Backup - A Webinar in collaboration with VMUG

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Powered by intelligent machines and services, the fourth revolution is transforming data into the new competitive currency for today’s global organizations. But, storing, managing and protecting that data to drive greater intelligence and uncover real-time insights has ignited a new challenge for IT teams and calls for a unified approach and vision. With this in mind, Reduxio, launched a series of interactive webinars with VMware User Group (VMUG). Each webinar is designed with a 360-degree view into the topic—delivering three, distinct perspectives to explore the future of data storage, management and protection:


  • The Subject Matter Expert: A 3rd party consultant or analyst who brings a unique point of view and authority voice on the given topic.

  • The Vendor: We’ll invite Technology Partners and Service Providers to provide an inside look into their world, providing the audience an opportunity to see firsthand how companies are addressing the webinar topic.

  • The User: Our Customers will provide balance to the discussion, bridging the perspectives of the guest SME and our views. They will share real-life best practices, and reveal how they are trying to make improvements to the lives of their internal users as well as themselves.

The 4-part webinar series will highlight specific challenges aimed at providing best practices and a unified solution for architecting a storage environment in today’s digital age.

The 3rd webinar of the series addresses the past, present and future of backup for virtual machines (VM) in a VMWare environment. 

Flashback to the Future: The evolution of VM Backup.

As companies look to modernize their data protection strategy, the IT Infrastructure sits at the center of the decision-making process. And with this shift, it becomes imperative to choose a unified approach to backup and recovery for your VMware environment.

Traditionally, enterprises have implemented a complex, siloed backup architecture with disk hardware and tapes to reduce costs for server backup. Unfortunately, these legacy multi-tiered solutions add more complexity, limit scalability, and dramatically increase storage costs. And as data continues to sprawl out of control, infrastructure silos are expanding to unmanageable footprints.


With this in mind, Reduxio, is presenting, “Flashback to the Future: The evolution of VM Backup.”

The VMUG session is designed to explore the past, present, and future for data protection in a VMWare environment.  

In short, you’ll learn:

  • The shift from physical to virtual environment and how it’s impacted today’s backup and recovery approaches and solutions.

  • A technical look at the benefits, limitations, and challenges of today’s backup and recovery solutions for VMware.
  • From CDM to CDP to VAIO, an exploration of what you need to know about today’s backup solutions.
  • A practical discussion with a VMWare User who’ll share best practices for unifying storage and backup under the same roof and how you can simplify your infrastructure.

Flashback to the Future: The evolution of VM Backup.





Ronen Sde-Or


Technical Marketing - Reduxio
Ronen is Reduxio's lead Technical Marketing Engineer where he is responsible for solutions architecture and documentation. He has 20 years as IT professional and has spent the last 13 years in the backup and storage industry. Before joining Reduxio Systems, Ronen worked as a Solution Engineer at IBM Storage and Storage Software.

Francis Leong 


Francis has held several roles managing IT across different organizations. Francis joined One Workplace as systems engineer and is now IT Manager, responsible for overseeing operations for 5 sites. Francis was previously Network Engineer at Echelon.

Eyal Worthalter

Written by Eyal Worthalter

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