In 6 minutes you will learn that BackDating™ is bound to make an impact in your business

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BackDating is a built-in feature of Reduxio TimeOS  storage operating system that acts like a time machine allowing you to seamlessly access data across time.

It is essentially a built-in data protection technology that takes RPO’s down to 1 (yes, one) second. BackDating™ contrasts with snapshots in various ways – it’s continuously protecting the data, you don't need to schedule the task, and it doesn’t require consistency groups since all data sets are consistent to a particular second.

Seamless and instantaneous recovery from human errors, computer software failures, and malware. These are issues that for sure, all of us are constantly facing in our respective organizations. Watch this video where I walk you through the quick and easy process of recovering VMs instantly using BackDating.


 Recover up to a second level granularity without any upfront planning or data copy.

Highlights from a few of our customers


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60X Faster Recovery
in Dev Environment

"We do lots of in-house application development. When databases failed, it used to take hours to get them back to work. Now with Reduxio it's immediate. The fact the we don't need to use snapshots anymore sealed the deal for us"

Logan Lemming, Senior Director of IT, EDCOE


“I selected the Reduxio HX550 for its great data protection technology and its greatly simplified management.”

Hao Sam, IT Manager, Array Networks


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50% Less Time Spent on Backup Administration


Recover from Attacks
in 5 minutes


“We realized that Reduxio with BackDating™ was the only storage vendor today that had a real solution that addresses our security concerns.”

Craig Hurwitz, Director of IT, Barnstable PD


Interested in learning more about BackDating? Click the link below to discover more information.


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Fred Nix

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