Jeff Friedman

Jeff has been working with enterprise IT infrastructure since 1986. Working as a system administrator for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies he has first hand experience with the continuous challenges IT organizations face. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, he started his journey in the land of IBM mainframes and mid-range systems. He relocated to Seattle in 1998 and saw the rise of distributed and open systems, working with Unix and Linux. He worked for a major retailer during the dot-com days, and the more recent explosion of data collection and analytics which have been straining data center’s storage solutions. This led Jeff to focus on storage in a Sales Engineer role since 2014 when he joined Fusion-io, a pioneer in enterprise flash storage. Today Jeff works for another pioneer in enterprise storage, Reduxio Systems. Jeff believes in remaining objective when discussing technical solutions, keeping the focus on how technology helps the company’s bottom line. He understand the delicate balance of compressed timelines, tight budgets, limited resources, and the importance of understanding TCA and TCO when selecting a solution.
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The Pains of Technology Lifecycle in Enterprise Storage and What You Should be Looking For

Jeff Friedman - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Technology lifecycles are short. Just ask any one of the billions of consumers and organizations who make use of technology everyday. While having to change smartphones every so often shouldn’t be a problem for the average user, it’s a different story for enterprises dealing with data and the storage where data resides.