Dror Granot

Dror is responsible for all the engineering activities, development and testing in Reduxio as VP Engineering. Dror joins Reduxio from Dell, where he served as Software Project Director overseeing the development of Dell FluidFS Clustered NAS core architecture from its early days in Exanet, through the acquisition by Dell. Before joining Exanet and Dell, Dror served as Software Development Team Leader in Precise Software, leading a team of engineers developing database monitoring software. Dror began his career as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force, developing software for its primary air control system. Dror was a local champion of tennis when he was young, he still regularly plays, as well as snowboarding for fun.
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3 Keys to Building a Great Product from Scratch

Dror Granot - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A lot of people start out with a good idea. In fact, many of them think that with their creativity and skills set, they may just yet come up with the next best thing in the technology space.

Unfortunately, though, only a handful of these ideas will see fruition, and even fewer will become the revolutionary products that their creators envisioned.

Why? It’s all in the execution.

From idea to a product…How do you build a product from scratch?

Four years ago, I was offered to join a startup...