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By Eyal Traitel for Beyond The Blocks - Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Database Administrators

DBAs are amazing; but is it possible to amaze DBAs? Everyone who has ever worked with one, or has tried to sell them some gear knows that their job is very difficult. Even with the challenges, they are able to keep applications and information storage services running and resolve end-user problems. But is it possible to give them something new that would ease some of their pain and amaze them?



One of our customers is a large university that uses SAP to literally run the whole institution. Everything from human resources and payroll to billing, purchasing and logistics is managed using numerous SAP modules running on Microsoft SQL Server 2012  hosted on VMware vSphere 6.0.

We were discussing with them our ability to recover databases to any second in the past, and we scheduled an onsite visit to demonstrate the capability. Since they’re using SQL Server in Simple recovery model, the assumption was that BackDating - our technology - was just not going to work. Just quoting Microsoft’s explanation is enough: “[Simple recovery model] can recover only to the end of a backup” and “changes since the most recent backup are unprotected.”

Pretty clear isn’t it?

Think again.

We took a database and got the head DBA to delete some tables and update some records. We then cloned a version of the volume to a few seconds before he made those changes, attached and took it online. There was no set up, no configuration, and no scheduling of snapshots - BackDating allowed us to create a clone from an arbitrary second in the past.

Well, to everyone’s amazement, the database came just fine, with all the records and tables in the same state they were prior to the changes the DBA performed.

Since that one meeting they decided to migrate more environments to the Reduxio system. Amazing! DBAs!


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Eyal Traitel

Written by Eyal Traitel

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