4 new superpowers you need to combat any IT villain!

By Kerstin Jensen for Beyond The Blocks - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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The IT universe is ever-changing: Ecosystems become more complex and new issues arise every day. IT evils are hacking and hatching new ideas, plotting your demise as a defender of the IT infrastructure. But there’s no need to worry: We have made a complete list of the latest IT superpowers available to fight the villains roaming the cyberworld!


Superpower 1: Travel back in time

Villains who will become powerless: Mr. Ransomware and The Data Meltdown Offender!

With this new superpower available, you will be able to travel back in time and restore every piece of data you have lost, up until the second before the villains strike. This means that you and the mortals whom you are protecting will never again be faced with potential data loss and hackers keeping your data hostage.


Superpower 2: TRAVEL at light speed

Villains you will defeat with this power: The Heavy File Felon & The Time Waste Warrior!

The second new superpower available for IT superheroes is the possibility of traveling at the speed of light! With this superpower, you will be able to overcome even the most taxing data workloads heaviest data files and process them faster than ever before. And we’re not just talking about a new flash version here, but something far faster and more efficient.


Superpower 3: No duplication

Villains that will become obsolete with this new power: The Storage Thief.

Another new and cool superpower that is available is the ability to avoid any data duplications in your system. No files would be found in various places, stealing precious storage and processing time. By mastering this superpower, you will be able to optimize your entire system!


Superpower 4: Predict the future

Villains who will demise under this power: The Heat Gangster, The Data Alterer and The Virus Criminal.

Last, but not least, of the new superpower available is the ability to foresee the future and act before anything happens to the day and the data. Your fine tuned IT senses would be heightened with this superpower, enabling you to sense any changes in the data and in any factors influencing the data, whether it be speed, heat or something else lurking in the shadows.


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Kerstin Jensen

Written by Kerstin Jensen

Kerstin has lived and studied in Denmark, England and The United States. She has worked in the second largest provider of knowledge sharing groups, but her passion lies always in working with startups. In Boston, she has helped several startups creating content and sharing their unique stories. At Reduxio, she realized that a majority of IT professionals today don't receive the recognition that they deserve. Together with the team, she’s now on a mission to change that and show the world how invaluable IT Superheroes are!

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