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By Kerstin Jensen for Beyond The Blocks - Monday, December 12, 2016


IT pros don’t get to be in the limelight often. They usually just stay in the wings doing their job, be it troubleshooting some network issue, analyzing logs, managing storage systems, fixing a software bug, and more. You get the picture – the IT professional is hard at work in the background to keep things running smoothly. Well, that is, until he gets dragged out of his hideaway when IT catastrophes strike in the corporate world.

No doubt about it; IT pros are the go-to people when computers break down and systems stop running. Sadly, though, users barely spare them a thought when everything’s going smoothly. Companies and employees tend to forget that there are people behind the scenes whose jobs are to ensure that we have the very things we tend to take for granted.

But when IT stops working, the business stops running instantly. And who do you call? The experts, of course. Yes, IT professionals are the corporate world's’ superheroes. And it’s about time that we start recognizing the IT pros and giving them the credit they deserve.

That is the idea behind the IT Superhero League. We want to change the way IT people are seen and remembered in users’ day-to-day work lives. We want them to be recognized as the office heroes that they are. It’s time to have their secret identities revealed and their work given due appreciation.


The notion that sparked the idea

Most people have had encounters with IT pros. But it’s not until something serious happens like a massive malware attack or critical data loss and the company/users are able to successfully recover from it that users really understand and appreciate the work IT pros do.

This actually happened to one of our team members. During a brainstorming session, she had been taking notes on her not-so-new laptop, when all of a sudden, it crashed. Panicking (who wouldn’t?), she went straightaway to the in-house IT pro and the diagnosis was bad: the hard drive was severely damaged. Would she have to say goodbye to years of important work files and personal data? Not when you got the right person for the job.

While the hard drive was rendered unusable, the IT pro was still able recover the data by using his superhero skills and getting out the big guns (advanced troubleshooting). Long story short, our team member was extremely grateful to have all her data back. Her words: “He’s my hero.”

This phrase struck us and everyone then saw the reality that her words had created. IT pros are superheroes! But at that moment we also recognized their struggle – the lack of recognition and appreciation for what they do. From there, the idea of the IT superhero was born.


The IT Superhero League

If there’s anything that countless movies and comic books have taught us, it’s that superheroes work best alone. But in a world where changes happen in the speed of light, and hackers plot against the IT world every moment, it is important to stand together in defense of the day and the data. Plus, let’s face it; in today’s technologically advanced society, you are nothing without your network, both the physical and the digital one.

With this in mind, we wanted to do more than just give the IT pros recognition. What we want is to create an IT community of superheroes where best practices and success stories are shared, where IT people can communicate and extend assistance if needed, and in that way, stay in control over the IT world. What we have in mind is an IT Superhero League.


For superheroes only

Every superhero has an aspect to them that will remain a mystery, and for this reason they can be reluctant to share their identities with the world. However, by building a trusted and exclusive community, we will provide the IT Superheroes a platform to share information, best-practices and build a strong network to empower the community overall.

For this reason, we will also enable current members to refer IT pros to the Superhero League. This way, we can build a diverse community of the best IT professionals in the States (and who knows, maybe someday expand the community).


The countdown for the launch has begun...

We are working hard on creating the IT Superhero League at the moment, and we are excited to present the outcome to the members. As with every Superhero story told, some information of it will only be revealed to those who are part of it. The same goes with this community. Parts of it will only be revealed the members, so in order to get more information, you will have to be a member of the League.

We do accept members that did not participate in the Superhero Sweepstake if they are truly IT Superheroes, so if you believe that your IT skills qualifies you for a spot, then please reach out to us.


Join the IT Superhero League!

Kerstin Jensen

Written by Kerstin Jensen

Kerstin has lived and studied in Denmark, England and The United States. She has worked in the second largest provider of knowledge sharing groups, but her passion lies always in working with startups. In Boston, she has helped several startups creating content and sharing their unique stories. At Reduxio, she realized that a majority of IT professionals today don't receive the recognition that they deserve. Together with the team, she’s now on a mission to change that and show the world how invaluable IT Superheroes are!

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